Quanzhou shoes business second pioneering technological

I have, I'm strong, strong turn. "This is an innovative concept of Jinjiang ChengChang Shoes Co., Ltd., has been into Qamdo is such a standard to measure their the EVO materials through years of research and development, on the basis of the traditional EVA, wear-resistant, non-slip , ultra-soft, high elasticity, shock absorption, anti-static, anti-compression deformation, ultra-lightweight performance more optimized, this is undoubtedly a new revolution of the shoe industry sounded the clarion call.

After repeated tests, the EVO-color dual hardness forming one sole has achieved a stable production of large quantities of Jordan and we work with the new shoes this year, has been fully come out." ZhuangHuiHuang ChengChang Company Director, Vice President, The biggest advantage of this sole contact in the bottom of the foot and touch the ground outsole with different hardness material integrally molded directly made to meet the dual demands of foot comfort and friction of the ground, both to meet the functional requirements, and more green. Currently, Qiaodan, Xtep, and a number of the first brands to try this new technology.

According to reports, ChengChang EVO-color dual hardness forming one sole, wear close to the rubber, can be achieved through this technology, "Less": less process, less labor, less glue, is undoubtedly the future development of the industry the general trend.

The industry are concerned about the for innovations Chengchang,. "All these new materials and new technologies applied for a patent, to the smooth realization of mass production, but also off of the 'material' and 'technology', as Chang had to seize the mature manufacturing technology opportunities."

"Although the current market many of them to emulate our two-color dual hardness integrally molded sole, but are like God does not like." Chengchang Hong said, this is not easy to distinguish from the appearance, but the through regular digital detection and continued market The performance can be distinguished. Really good things stand the market test. From Chang is committed to doing the sole brand worthy of consumer trust to allow customers to be more competitive, so that consumers feel even more value for money.

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